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Hi, I'm Armando Torres.

I'm a Los Angeles based comedian, writer, and podcaster who can best be described as the biggest idiot in the room. Usually both physically and intellectually.

As a stand up comic I've performed in clubs, colleges, and casinos across the country. I've also been lucky enough to perform at Outside Lands in 2021 and SF Sketchfest in 2020. Additionally I taped a set for season three of Amazon Prime's Laugh After Dark.

I work as a producer for Funhaus where I goof around with my pals in videos, podcasts (like The Funhaus Podcast), and various other projects including season two of Rooster Teeth's Last Laugh.

Along with Paige Wesley I co-host the comedy true-crime show Cult Podcast which has been featured in O Magazine, Vulture, Popsugar, and A24. We've also performed a live show in various cities across the US.




As part of The Gateway Show I performed a set after smoking two infused joints, a blunt, 150mg of THC, and a hit from a dab rig. Clips from this set have helped me rack up over 330,000 followers on TikTok which is something no one should be proud of. But here we are.

In my free time I love to riff and play games. Check out a few of my edits where I become an alcoholic  in Visage or start an all-star baseball team in Far Cry 5. I'm not great at games but I sure talk a lot!


In my free time I love to play games, make music, and goof around with friends. You can catch me going live once a week hanging out on Twitch. Swing by to help me make a bop or virtually hold my hand through scary cutscenes.


To stay up to date on my shows, projects, and general stupidity follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

For Serious Business Inquiries or Bookings Contact Me At

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